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Loan Projects

Bethlehem Church – Los Angeles, CA

Bethlehem Church began in 1985 as a ministry to immigrants from Korea and has been part of Pacific District Conference of the Mennonite Brethren Churches since 2003. In 2019 the church purchased and relocated to a property in the Koreantown/Downtown area of Los Angeles.  Financing through their initial lender came with an excessive interest rate and a brief maturity date. The church refinanced with MB Foundation in 2020, greatly reducing their interest rate resulting in a monthly payment saving of $5,000. Bethlehem Church is now able to continue ministry in its community and have resources freed up for missions. The dual Kingdom impact is celebrated by both Bethlehem Church and MB Foundation.

  • MB Foundation provided refinancing for the first location of Bethlehem Church in 2005.
  • Bethlehem is seeing their move as a source of growth for the church.

Peoples Church – Fresno, CA

MB Foundation is partnering with Peoples Church in Fresno, CA on their $22 million campus expansion project. The project adds 40,000 square feet of kids ministry space, an outdoor community space and a new entrance to their campus. The goal is to better serve their multi-generational congregation while positioning the facility to share the Gospel with future generations in Fresno.

  • The chapel has been relocated from the southwest corner of the property to the southeast corner of the property
  • The new entrance off of N. Cedar Avenue will create a more clear “front door” to the community.
  • Project completion is scheduled for April 2021.

Lighthouse Church – Denver, CO

Lighthouse Church had a problem, in early 2019 they were told their lease would be expiring at an unknown date. The church had seen some growth, just completed a merger with Garden Park Mennonite Brethren Church and now had to find a new worship space. A less than ideal situation. They identified an indoor soccer facility that was not on the market but found the owner willing to sell. Thanks to a partnership between the church, Southern District Conference and MB Foundation the property was purchased in May of 2019. Lighthouse then went to work renovating the space to make it conducive to their ministry. 7,000 volunteer hours later they held their first service in August and had a grand opening in September 2019. This is the first property the church has owned. Lighthouse started in 2015 by Josh & Brianne Shaw.

  • Lighthouse Church - it's okay to NOT be okay.

Neighborhood Church – Visalia, CA

Neighborhood Church is located in Visalia, CA and has been a long time member of the Pacific District Conference. Forrest Jenan has been the lead pastor since 2015. Neighborhood Church started in 1948 and has grown to see an average of 1,600 attend on a Sunday morning. Neighborhood partnered with MB Foundation to expand their church campus to better accommodate their growth. . The expansion project resulted in additional space for ministry and offices, additional parking, shade structures and renovations to their current space. Among the expansion is 10,000 square feet of kids ministry space to better accommodate the 800 kids they host on a Sunday morning. The grand opening was held on September 23, 2018.

  • Neighborhood Church exists to inspire people wherever they are to live like Jesus wherever they go.

Axiom Church – Peoria, AZ

Axiom Church was started in 2012 by Mission USA, PDC, and Copper Hills Community Church. The lead pastor is Gavin Linderman. The church started with 35 people focusing on reaching the "unlikelies" or those you are unlikely to see in church. They have seen their attendance increase to 130 on a Sunday and their current location has become crowded and restrictive to growth. Axiom has recently partnered with MB Foundation and PDC to purchase and renovate a 3,970 square foot old lumber warehouse in downtown Peoria. A 3,020 square foot addition will be added to the structure creating a final footprint of 6,980 square feet.

  • Axiom Church partners with Copper Hills Community Church who is also one of our borrowers.

South Mountain Community Church – South Jordan Campus

SMCC South Jordan is led by Pastor Rob Ryerson who has been with SMCC for 2 years. The South Jordan campus is located 9 miles to the west of the Draper campus and 5 miles south of the West Jordan campus. The South Jordan campus has grown to an average attendance of approximately 280 each Sunday and continues to grow. South Jordan currently meets at Mountain West Montessori Academy and rents another site for office space and weekday activities. To accommodate growth and to eliminate rent expenses, South Jordan has acquired 2.32 acres of land and is constructing a 10,775 square foot worship facility for the future home of South Jordan.

  • South Jordan is one of five SMCC campuses.

South Mountain Community Church – St George campus

SMCC St George was founded and is led by Pastor Tom Mertz. Started in 1999 with 15 people they see 400 regularly come through the doors on a Sunday morning. The church bought 4.78 acres of land in 2003 for the some-day home of the church. That some-day has arrived as construction began in 2015 on their first worship facility. The 19,177 square foot facility is being built for $2.5 million and was completed in March 2016. It includes a sanctuary for 700, classroom space and office space. At their open house weekend they report attendance of 708, their largest attendance ever on a Sunday morning.

  • Picture 1: Glass characterizes the entry and allows light in and Light out.
  • Picture 4, 5, 6: Pray, cut the ribbon, "open for business".
  • Picture 7: The entry area features a welcome table, a coffee area and a spectacularly polished concrete floor.

Copper Hills Church – Peoria, AZ

Copper Hills Church started in 1998 and since 1999 they have been meeting at a local elementary school. Their dream of building their first worship facility took a step in 2006 when they purchased 3.3 acres of land in the West Wing area of Phoenix. The purchase was financed by MB Foundation.  Their dream took another step in 2014 as MB Foundation & Copper Hills begin construction on a 16,443 square foot worship facility! The facility was completed and dedicated in January 2016. To read more about how God has worked in the Copper Hills story click here.

  • Picture 1: Two seperate buildings; the worship center on the left and classrooms & offices on the right.
  • Picture 2: The worship center.
  • Picture 3: Corten steel panels are affixed to the plywood on this exterior wall of the classroom building. Corten steel is a weathered looking steel.
  • Picture 4: A beautiful view of the mountains awaits you as you enter.
  • Picture 5: Sanctuary
  • Copper Hills Church gets their name from Deuteronomy 8:9 "a land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing; a land where the rocks are iron and you can dig copper out of the hills."

Willow Avenue Mennonite Church – Clovis, CA

Willow Avenue Mennonite Church located in Clovis, CA has completed their new 14,827 square foot sanctuary building on their ministry campus. The updated facility contains sanctuary seating for 255, polished concrete floors, large windows on each side of the sanctuary to allow plenty of natural light to fill the space, a nursery, a narthex, and office space. A building dedication service was held on January 4, 2015 and was attended by Bruce Jost and Christine Wall of MB Foundation.

  • The floor towards the front of the sanctuary (picture 3) reads "Praise God from whom all blessing flow".
  • The floor in the narthex (picture 4) reads "I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the LORD!"
  • The floor along the east sanctuary windows reads "I am the resurrection and the life".
  • The floor along the west sanctuary windows reads "You will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth".
  • The building dedication (picture 5) featured Composer Eugene Friesen and Lyricist Jean Janzen with the premier of their original work Songs of Dedication.

New Life Missionary Church – Portland, OR

New Life Missionary recently partnered with MB Foundation to purchase a 60,788 sq. ft. facility located at 3300 NE 172nd Place in Portland, OR. Bruce attended the building dedication on November 23 as this 1,000+ member congregation dedicating the building to God.

  • New Life Missionary Church has been a member of the Pacific District Conference for over 10 years.
  • Picture 4: Moses welcomes those entering the children's classrooms.
  • Picture 5: The previous church had English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, and Russian-speaking congregations meeting for worship. The signage speaks to all three.
  • Picture 6: Lead Pastor Vasily Vakkulsky is excited!
  • Picture 8: A meal was served for all in attendance following the service.

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Denver – Aurora, CO

EECD purchased a former YMCA and has performed some renovations to fit their ministry. The property had two gymnasiums which were converted into a sanctuary and a fellowship hall. Walls were removed from racquet ball courts to make classrooms. A building dedication service was held on December 1, 2013.

  • EECD Associate Pastor Ermias "Jeremiah" Amanuel thanks the larger USMB family who invest with MB Foundation and in their district ministry. For those that may not know where their dollars go he says "This (project) is their fruit."

Shorelife Community Church – Capitola, CA

Shorelife Community Church is located in beautiful Capitola, CA in the northern part of Monterey Bay. There is a 20 unit apartment complex on site that provides housing to low income, elderly, or disabled residents. When plumbing issues occurred in 2011, Shorelife Community Church contacted MB Foundation for financing to make the repairs. My travels to the USMB National Convention in 2014 allowed me to stop in for a visit with Pastor Daniel Clubb.

  • The apartments were originally built to house retired MB pastors but when few were willing to leave the relationships they built locally, the church shifted the focus towards other ministry opportunities.
  • The church is located less than 1 mile from the beach.

Lincoln Glen Church – San Jose, CA

Lincoln Glen Church had a courtyard area between their two main buildings that was in need of an update. In 2011, we financed a project that would improve the drainage of this area as well as the appearance. My travels to the USMB National Convention in 2014 allowed me to catch up with Pastor Bruce Porter and his wife Janice and see the finished project.

  • The project was started in 2011 and only took a few weeks to complete. While I was on site shortly after all the concrete was poured, 2014 was my first look at the new sign.
  • The sign is visually appealing and creates a stronger presence on Booksin Ave.

South Mountain Community Church – Draper, UT

The South Mountain Community Church worship facility construction project was completed in 2012 for $6M. One year later they are already experiencing space issues for their children’s ministry areas. They will soon begin construction on a 1,500 square foot multi-purpose building just east of the church to house portions of the children’s ministry.

  • SMCC was intentional about using glass in the design of their facility. They wanted people to be able to see inside the building as a way of being transperent about the SMCC walk with Jesus.
  • SMCC began in 1998 when the Robie family of 4 moved to Utah and began having home Bible studies. Today the SMCC church family has around 2,000 attenders across 3 locations.

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