Cross Timbers Church
Edmond, OK

Portfolio Description

Cross Timbers Church – Edmond, OK

Cross Timbers Church is a Mennonite Brethren Church located in Edmond, OK with a mission to “Love Jesus, Love Each Other, and Love the Broken.” They recently adopted a focus of outreach to the local community of all ages and are seeing results.

The average age of attendees is 37, with more younger families beginning to attend. The church is growing and in the first few months of 2023 they had 16 new members join.

Their current sanctuary, built in 1998, is getting too small and needs seating, lighting, A/V, and layout updates. Due to the current sanctuary size restrictions, Cross Timbers decided to remodel their under-used gym facility into a large sanctuary/meeting place. Their remodeling project also includes exterior improvements with the relocation of the main entrance and new exterior signage. The current sanctuary will be converted to a youth area.

Revitalizing facilities will support their renewed focus on outreach to their community.