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Randy Alcorn

Start Giving Before You Inherit

Millennials may inherit over $68 trillion from previous generations by 2030. According to Newsweek, some experts believe this “could be the largest transfer of wealth in the history of humankind.” What will younger generations do with that wealth?

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Effective Major Gifts Fundraising

Dr. Russell James focuses on the latest research and the newest findings on what really works in BIG fundraising. He shares how one can gain success through a deep-dive word study in 1 Timothy 6:17-19.

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Where Can I Go to Get Started?

Where Can I Go to Get Started? If will planning is on your “to-do” list but it is too overwhelming or confusing, listen to Nate Yoder explain a simple way to get started.

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Can a Will Bless My Favorite Charity?

Can a Will Bless My Favorite Charity? If you love to give, listen to Garvie Schmidt explain how your will can be designed to make a gift to a charity or multiple charities.

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Can a Will Take Care of My Family?

Can a Will Take Care of My Family? Caring for your family is important to everyone. Andy Shewey explains how will planning is an excellent way to care for your family.

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Why Do I Need a Will?

Why Do I Need a Will? Bruce Porter briefly explains the many benefits of will planning and why it can help you!

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Who Needs A Will?

Who Needs a Will? Learn from Jon C. Wiebe who can benefit from will planning…you might be surprised.

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Financial Health & Generosity

President and CEO Jon C. Wiebe, welcomes guest contributor, Brian Kluth, national spokesperson for NAE Financial Health, to share how churches can grow more giving individuals within their churches.

Will Planning - Giving Your Heirs a Gift

Will Planning: Giving Your Heirs a Gift

Planned Giving Advisors, Garvie Schmidt and Andy Shewey share how you can be on your way to peace of mind about providing for your family and ensuring your legacy is guided by your values.

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Your Money Making An Impact

Investment dollars at MB Foundation go beyond the earned interest for our investors. Hear stories of Kingdom impact as Jon C. Wiebe and Bruce Jost share how several ministries are having life transforming impact in their communities. It is exciting to see what God is doing.

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Fostering Generosity in the Next Generation

MB Foundation Chief Development Officer Nate Yoder, and President & CEO Jon C. Wiebe share insights on current giving research and practical ways to foster generosity in the next generation.

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How to Earn, Save & Give All at Once!

MB Foundation Chief Development Officer, Nate Yoder, along with advisors, Bruce Porter, Garvie Schmidt and Andy Shewey explore how you can realize tax savings, secure retirement income, and support your favorite charities by utilizing charitable gift planning tools and strategies.

Retirement Planning for Pastors - Title2

Retirement Planning for Pastors

Jeff Jorgenson and Marlin Hiett of MB Foundation, along with Shawn Dorrough of  GuideStone Financial Resources,  discuss the unique financial aspects of retirement planning for pastors.

Investing During A Pandemic Title

Investing During a Pandemic

MB Foundation President & CEO, Jon C. Wiebe, along with presenters Jeff Jorgenson, MB Foundation Director of Financial Services and Shawn Dorrough, Senior Relationship Manager at GuideStone Financial Resources discuss keys to strengthening your finances during the pandemic.

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Increasing Our Impact Through Generosity

Jon C. Wiebe, President & CEO shares how to increase impact by maximizing generosity in pastors, lay people and our churches. Webinar PowerPoint Presentation Seven Attributes of a Generous Church Seven Attributes of a Generous Church - Russian Translation Executive Summary of MB Church Survey Discussion Guide