Havilah Retreat Center
Toutle, WA

Portfolio Description

Havilah Retreat Center

Havilah Retreat Center is located in Toutle, WA. It was started by Andrey and Nadya Ivantsov, members of the Slavic Christian Center, an MB church in Tacoma, WA.

God planted a seed in their hearts for a campground and retreat center to be used in ministering to youth, families and pastors. In 2016 they found a visitor center lodge for sale on 30 acres of land in the foothills of Mt St. Helen’s. When they visited the property, they knew it was what God had for them.

Plans moved forward to build an assembly hall with lodging and other accommodations. MB Foundation provided financing for construction and the project was completed in the fall of 2020. “We knew MB Foundation would understand and share the vision we held,” said Ivantsov.

Havilah Retreat Center is booked year-round for retreats, camps, conferences and church outings. A recent teen
conference saw 300 commitments for Christ!