Helping churches reach their full ministry potential.

Our US Mennonite Brethren Conference is made up of over 225 unique churches laboring in small and large communities with different cultures and backgrounds.

As in past generations, our churches strive to THRIVE in their work to effectively preach, teach, and live out the Gospel.  “They are (or desire to be) like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit.” Jeremiah 17:8 (NLT)

MB Foundation is partnering with Leadership Transformation, Inc. to provide every MB church with a proven resource of assessment and professional one-on-one coaching, designed to assist our churches in fulfilling their God-given ministry in their current context.

Discover how this could benefit your church and GET STARTED.

To make this possible for every MB church, MB Foundation will cover the expense valued up to $1,280 per church.


Start with Level 1, and then discern if you want to go deeper with Level 2 and Level 3. Click on each level to learn more.


• Assess your church’s health and readiness through the Church Health Assessment Tool (CHAT), a proven survey from Leadership Transformation, Inc. (LTI) based on Becoming a Healthy Church –
10 Traits of a Vital Ministry, by Stephen A. Macchia.

• A Church Health Coach from LTI will then help you and your leadership by Reviewing Your CHAT Findings and Suggested Next Steps. As a result, you will identify where you need to apply intentional focus and openness to God’s continued shaping of your ministry.

Level 2 SESSIONS 2 AND 3 WITH YOUR LTI COACH (valued at $380)

Rediscovering Spiritual Leadership – A discussion of the attributes of a vital ministry team will reinforce your understanding of how best to function together in the life of your community of faith.

Charting Your Course for the Future – You will discuss the importance of ongoing change management, evaluation, and accountability, which in turn will lead to greater ministry effectiveness.

Level 3 SESSIONS 4 AND 5 WITH YOUR LTI COACH (valued at $350)

Optimizing Your Church’s Ministry Platform – A church’s ministry platform needs to be a living document, continuously before you as a guide to leadership development, decision making and community life.

Goal Setting for Kingdom Impact – Since we serve a goal-oriented God, who has a Master Plan in mind for his people, it’s important that we write out goals that we sense are descriptive of God’s calling and direction.

Bonus! Additional assistance after Level 3 may be available in carrying out some of the discovered initiatives beyond your budget and district support.

Next Steps

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