Helping churches reach their full ministry potential.

Is God calling your church to greater health and vitality?

Is your church facing challenges in achieving its full ministry potential?

THRIVE is an initiative for Mennonite Brethren churches that are in pursuit of becoming healthy churches and are willing to engage in an intentional season of listening and responding to the call of God. Your District Minister and MB Foundation are ready to assist you with resources as you take steps toward greater Kingdom impact.


Questions? Contact your District Minister or Rick Eshbaugh at


1. Assess

Church Leadership engages with its District Minister to identify an area of church life that would most benefit from a season of intentional discernment leading to action steps.

2. Develop

Church Leadership, in consultation with its District Minister, identifies the best resource and develops a specific plan of how to reach the church’s full ministry potential. Recommended resources are available at

3. Apply

Church Leadership submits a grant request to its District Minister by completing the application linked below.

Grants up to $5,000 are awarded on a sliding scale based on average attendance and will require some financial investment from the church.

100 or less = MBF provides up to 75% support
100–249 = MBF provides up to 50% support
250+ = MBF provides up to 25% support


CONTACT:  Don Morris – 800.257.0515 or
The following are offered on the USMB website:

  • Lead Labs – Short, one to two-hour leadership training seminars on church growth for Church Leadership Teams. Does your team need training in a particular issue?
    COST: $1,000
  • Lead Consults – Developing ministry vision and direction. Board retreats, ministry team workshops, evaluations, and advice.
    COST: $1,500
  • CHAT (Church Health Assessment Tool)
    A helpful tool to assess the health of your church.  A representative group of the church is surveyed and then led through results by our leaders.
    COST: $500 – Assessment
    $2,000 – Consultation
  • Lead Coaching – Life and ministry coaching for pastors and church leaders. USMB encourages all churches to see that their pastors experience life coaching.
    CONTACT: Ed Boschman – 661.549.6021
    COST: $150/month
  • Latitude Ministries – guides the church leadership through the assessment insights from the NCD to discern helpful steps that the church can take toward health given the culture of the church and the local community. Justin Manzey leads Latitude Ministries and comes highly recommended by Pacific District Conference District Minister Jordan Ringhofer.
    CONTACT: 604.504.1809
    COST: $1,000 – 3,500
  • Vision Casting and Development – Brian Ross is a highly recommended resource person coming from our MB seminary in Fresno. He’s gifted at helping our pastors and churches as they strategize and plan for their future. Brian’s ministry at North Fresno Church was greatly appreciated by the congregation. He ministered in the Midwest at a leadership event.  “Brian challenged us to ‘think young’.”  —Mac Wahl (former Moderator of Fairview MB Church in Oklahoma).
    CONTACT: 559.453.2321
    COST: $1,500
  • Church Answers – (Thom Rainer) Grow Your Church, Revitalize Your Church, Lead More Effectively.  Rainer’s specialty area is on community assessment and outreach. If that is your primary need, this may be a good option.
    COST: $900  – depending on program choices
  • Healthy Growing Churches – Church consultation with assessment and a weekend visit with church leadership
    COST: $7,500+expenses
    Individual Coaching for Pastors and Church Planters
    COST: $3,200/year @ 2 years
  • The Unstuck Group – Church consulting and Leadership coaching with resources to go along with these areas of expertise.
    COST: Fee is according to church needs, equals a part-time staff position salary
  • Rural Home Missionary Association – Plants and strengthens churches in small towns through pastors’ conferences, seminars, printed media, and website resources.
    COST: No fee
  • Building Church Leaders is a library of the 500+ practical training tools from Christianity Today. Their forte is to train teams, develop leaders, encourage personal pastoral growth, and equip the church.
    COST: membership is $150/year with an additional charge for each downloadable tool used.
  • Church University – Curriculum provides training for church boards – primary function of a board, recruiting & deploying board members, nuts & bolts of a good board meeting, growing board relationships, board member responsibilities, for lead pastors only.
    COST: Modules $1497
  • Transforming the Church – a course and lecture resource for church leaders to pick an area of for study and learning. Study tracks on Congregational Transformation with George Bullard and Church leadership qualify for a grant application.
    COST: Fees vary by course – mostly $99/course
  • Autopsy of a Deceased Church: 12 Ways to Keep Yours Alive, Thom S. Rainer
    Dr. Thom Rainer has helped churches grow and reverse the trends of decline by studying churches that have died. This book walks with you through the radical paths necessary to keep your church alive for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom.
  • Budgeting for a Healthy Church: Aligning Finances with Biblical Priorities for Ministry, Jamie Dunlop
    This book takes readers past the churches fixation on growth and numbers, to show church leaders how to transition to a simpler scripture-based, relationship-focused, model of ministry.
  • Comeback Churches, Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson
    Missiologist Ed Stetzer, and Pastor Mike Dodson report on how you can join more than 300 formerly declining congregations in doing what it takes to revitalize a weakened body of believers.
  • The Great Opportunity: The American Church in 2050, Pine Foundation
    A look into the next 30 years of the American church, and the opportunity it has to bring tens of millions of young people to Christ. (PDF download)
  • The Unstuck Church, Tony Morgan
    Specific and strategic steps church leaders can take to help the church get “unstuck” and move forward again to carry out the mission.
  • When Not to Borrow: Unconventional Financial Wisdom to Set Your Church Free, Ray Bowman with Eddy Hall
    Guidance on the when’s, how’s and whys of healthy church financing. Ray Bowman has seen the church at its best and worst, and wishes to see your church become all that God has in mind for it.