Championing Stewardship

Well Done, Good and Faithful Trustee

The pull of the culture towards materialism and poor financial management is infiltrating the Church at an alarming rate.

The pull of the culture towards materialism and poor financial management is infiltrating the Church at an alarming rate. Yet, the Bible has more to say about money than any other single topic except the salvation story itself. We must stem the tide of materialism and poor management of resources, directing individuals and churches toward a God-honoring use of resources. We invite you on a journey towards faithfulness. May we be more than simply good financial managers in solid financial shape, but rather strive to live God-honoring lifestyles; so that the owner and creator of the universe, will one day say, “well done, good and faithful trustee.”

“Well done, good and faithful trustee”


Four Hs of Financial Wisdom. Discover your money perspective. This assessment and teaching will help you evaluate your current attitudes and positions in your financial journey.

MoneyWise. Tools to help you integrate your faith and manage your finances, including a simple MoneyWise app that provides a digital envelope system.

Increasing Our Impact Through Generosity. Webinar and resources for church leadership to sharpen skills in generosity.

Seven-Day Generosity Challenge. Resources to encourage and inspire you and your church to engage in a life of joyful, Christ-centered generosity.

Giving Meaning to Money® Devotional (monthly email). Read and sign up for our free monthly stewardship devotional.

The God Pocket. Educational materials to help your congregation make giving personal!

Genius of Generosity. Materials based on the book by Chip Ingram designed to help you raise the generosity temperature in your church.

Firstfruits. Materials based on Proverbs 3:9 to help teach your church about the principal of firstfruits.


Advent Conspiracy. Learn how Christmas can still change the world!

Avoiding Tarnished Teaching. A four-point checklist for how to choose stewardship curriculum for your church.

ECFA ChurchEXCEL. Empower your Church with FREE practical tools and training.

Tax Guide for Ministry. Download tax guides for pastors and for congregations.

Telling Your Money Story. Resources to help you piece together the stories that shape your attitudes and actions around money.

Budget Resources. Download budget resources to assist you in managing God’s resources.

Money. Purpose. Joy. Is a seven-week study by Matt Bell that fills in the missing pieces of the financial puzzle, designed primarily for use by church small groups or as a video-based workshop.

Teaching and preaching on stewardship topics. Contact Jon C. Wiebe to start your generosity journey.


How to Be Rich. This study by Andy Stanley is based on 1 Timothy 6:17-19. Available is the book, and a DVD study to lead a four-week church campaign that will force conversation around the topic of what to do with what we have.

Good $ense Movement. Stewardship ministry that includes budgeting resources.

Crown Financial Ministries

Eternal Perspective Ministries. Official website of Randy Alcorn.

Generous Giving

Sound Mind Investing. America’s Premier Christian Investing Newsletter

Trust in God who richly provides us with everything. Be rich in good works.
Be willing to share. Take hold of real life.       – 1 Timothy 6:17-18