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Home Loans

MB Foundation Home Loans are available to purchase primary residences in the United States for licensed/ordained ministers of MB Churches, MB Mission missionaries, and other licensed/ordained MB ministers. A "licensed/ordained minister" is defined as an individual who is recognized by the U.S. Conference as a minister.


  • Kingdom impact.  Interest paid on your loan would resource our efforts to Champion Biblical Stewardship, assist a church with financing the purchase of a new facility, facilitate charitable giving and support USMB, and many other benefits. Not every lender can claim that kind of impact. What a great way to partner together for the benefit of the MB church family!
  • Simplified application process. Our process is fast and easy and will save you the frustration of filling out multiple forms.
  • Cost savings. MB Foundation does not charge a fee for our loan services. Closing costs would be the responsibility of the borrower. We also do not charge mortgage insurance which can be common with other lenders if a sufficient down payment is not provided.


  • Interest rates are calculated by adding a margin of 2.50% to the current 11th District Cost of Funds Index. Adjustments are then applied based on your credit score and down payment/equity.
  • 5 year adjustable rate mortgage. The interest rate is fixed for 5 years and then reset and fixed every 5 years until maturity.
  • Amortization up to 30 years.
  • Financing is available up to 95% of the value of the home.
  • No fees.
  • No mortgage insurance.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out a loan application. Download an application and loan policies here.
  2. Submit three (3) credit scores. You can get credit scores from various credit monitoring websites such as Often a fee of approximately $40 is required to obtain the scores.
  3. Submit an appraisal.

It is recommended that the application and credit scores be submitted for pre-approval prior to ordering the appraisal. They will allow for pre-qualification and a rate quote before incurring the cost of an appraisal.

Download a flyer. Questions or applications can be directed to Bruce Jost at or  800.551.1547.

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