Biblical Estate Design

Your will helps define your legacy as it provides for your family and the causes important to you. Are you part of the estimated 60% of Americans that don’t have a plan in place? It can be confusing and time consuming to know how to begin the process but we will guide you from concept to completion.

At MB Foundation we think of will planning as more than a legal process. We want to encourage you to think of it as Transferring Stewardship.

When you consider that God is the owner of all (Psalm 24:1) and we are His stewards (Matthew 25:14-30), the process of developing a will becomes Educational, Spiritual, and Meaningful.

Our Biblical Estate Design Service brings your faith into the process of preparing a God-honoring, legal and tax-effective will. Our experienced team can help you…

1. Get Organized

  • Understand Will Planning Basics
  • Understand the Process to Develop a Will
  • Complete Personal and Financial Inventories

2. Understand God’s Plan For your Will

  • Provide you our Transferring Stewardship Booklet
  • Pray with you

3. Develop and Implement a Will 

  • Clarify Goals
  • Make Decisions
  • Review and Finalize Legal Documents


A Will Provides:

  • Comfort and peace of mind to you and your loved ones
  • Provision and protection
  • The opportunity to leave a legacy for loved ones
  • The opportunity to fuel ministry for years to come

Want to learn more? Check out these free resources about Wills and Bequests.


The first ten to schedule an appointment will receive $250 towards legal fees.

“The process of updating our plan seemed difficult, but with MB Foundation’s help and knowledge we are confident it will care for those who come behind and support the causes important to us. The process was much easier than we expected.”
Curt & Myra Stutzman
Goddard, KS