Fund Management

Steward Resources for Maximum Impact

We help you manage your resources
so you can maximize the impact of your mission.

MB Foundation’s fund management program, with a record of investment strength going back to 1990, has over $325 million in assets under management. We are highly motivated to provide flexible, customized investment and administrative solutions to your ministry to help you attain excellence in financial stewardship. We serve you with

  • Flexible, customized solutions to meet your goals.
  • Rapid and personal responses to your needs.
  • Trusted money managers with expertise and accountability.
  • Shared values focused on Christ and His kingdom.
  • Maximum impact for your ministry.

Fund Management Solutions

Earn a rate of return while providing capital for our loan program that finances growing churches. Minimum investment is $100.

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Invest in the market based on your risk tolerance. $10,000 minimum. Conservative, Balanced and Growth Allocation Models available.

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Long-term investment that produces income for your organization. Minimum investment is $10,000.

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Fund Management Team

When you select MB Foundation to manage your funds, you get the expertise and oversight of 3 distinct groups working for you! MB Foundation Staff serves as point of contact and customer service for all clients and oversees fund management projects and duties. MB Foundation Board of Directors approves and replaces money managers, provides oversight and establishes policy. Cornerstone Management, Inc. serves as investment consultant recommending money managers, monitoring managers, assisting with implementation, screening for Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI), policy development, asset allocation, investment reporting and strategy. Cornerstone has been serving the evangelical nonprofit sector since 1991 and has been in partnership with MB Foundation since 2001.

Next Steps

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Faith & Kingdom Impact


We implement Biblically Responsible Investment (BRI) screening in our fund management program. We choose to not knowingly condone, support, or be identified with companies engaging in alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, gaming industry, abortion, pornography, and companies directly involved in the defense industry. Investors receive assurance that their funds will be invested on a best-efforts basis to avoid companies engaged in immoral practices. Investment managers are reviewed quarterly for compliance to BRI policy as well as performance.


  • Invested funds provide the capital for loans to churches, ministries, and pastors.
  • Portfolios earn a stable rate of return while providing a Kingdom impact.
  • Liquidity is consistent with money market accounts.
  • Fund is available exclusively to MB Foundation portfolios.

Fund Management Approach

1. Identify needs, goals, and objectives
2. Formulate investment policy
3. Develop asset allocation
4. Implement investment plan
5. Monitor for impact
6. Ongoing services