Online Access

Welcome to a new and improved online experience.

We are excited to announce the official launch of our new software!
Here are some tools to help you get started.


Click Login > View My Certificate/Loan

Enter your current username and the temporary password emailed to you > Click LOGIN

Read the Electronic Signature Agreement > click “Accept”

Change password and answer security questions

*Make sure to write down your security questions and answers. You must answer two of these questions each time you log in.



Main Menu – Found on the left-hand side of the desktop screen > Select “Accounts”

Accounts Menu – 

The middle section lists all of the accounts you have access to

  • Using the nickname feature can make viewing accounts easier
  • Selecting the heart icon will favorite an account and bring it to the top.
  • Use the scroll bar to access accounts out of view.

Account Information –

The right-hand section will display the details of the account selected in green.
This is where transactions and account details such as owner, type, rate, etc. will appear.

Top Bar – The top summary bar will have the cumulative total of all accounts you have access to for loans and investments.


Click the “Accounts” tab in the left-hand menu

Find the account you’d like to create a nickname for > Make note of the last 3 digits of the account number

Click the “Profile & Settings” tab to open drop-down menu > Go to “Accounts Management”

Find the certificate or loan that matches the last 3 digits of the account you want to nickname > Click “Add Nickname”

Type a custom nickname and click “update”


Add external accounts that money can be transferred to >

  1. Go to “Account Transfer”
  2. Click the “External Accounts” tab
  3. Click “Add External Account”

Submitting a transfer –

Indicate which account you’d like to transfer FROM and the account you’d like to transfer TO >  select the amount, the frequency and the date > click “continue”

Review the transfer details, and click confirm when everything is correct.

View any recurring transactions by clicking on the “scheduled” tab


Click the “Document Center” tab in the left-hand menu

To view your investment or loan documents, click the “FILTER” button to define your search.

Using the Filter Option:

  1.  A “Filter by” bar will appear. Open the drop-down menu and select what you’d like to filter by: Document type, Account type, Investment Number, or Loan Number.

2.     A second bar will appear based on your first selection. Select the option that best suits what you are looking for.

Click the “FIND” button and your results will appear for you to download.

Download and Print Instructions Here: