Online Access

Welcome to a new and improved online experience.

We are excited to announce the official launch of our new software!
Here are some tools to help you get started.


Click Login > View My Certificate/Loan

Enter your current username and the temporary password emailed to you > Click LOGIN

Read the Electronic Signature Agreement > click “Accept”

Change password and answer security questions

*Make sure to write down your security questions and answers. You must answer two of these questions each time you log in.



Main Menu – Found on the left-hand side of the desktop screen > Select “Accounts”

Accounts Menu – 

The middle section lists all of the accounts you have access to

  • Using the nickname feature can make viewing accounts easier
  • Selecting the heart icon will favorite an account and bring it to the top.
  • Use the scroll bar to access accounts out of view.

Account Information –

The right-hand section will display the details of the account selected in green.
This is where transactions and account details such as owner, type, rate, etc. will appear.

Top Bar – The top summary bar will have the cumulative total of all accounts you have access to for loans and investments.


Click the “Accounts” tab in the left-hand menu

Find the account you’d like to create a nickname for > Make note of the last 3 digits of the account number

Click the “Profile & Settings” tab to open drop-down menu > Go to “Accounts Management”

Find the certificate or loan that matches the last 3 digits of the account you want to nickname > Click “Add Nickname”

Type a custom nickname and click “update”


Add external accounts that money can be transferred to >

  1. Go to “Account Transfer”
  2. Click the “External Accounts” tab
  3. Click “Add External Account”

Submitting a transfer –

Indicate which account you’d like to transfer FROM and the account you’d like to transfer TO >  select the amount, the frequency and the date > click “continue”

Review the transfer details, and click confirm when everything is correct.

View any recurring transactions by clicking on the “scheduled” tab

Download and Print Instructions Here: