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    STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING By completing and signing this application, we certify that we understand the nature of Charity Advised Funds and will conduct our activities in compliance with the regulations of the Internal Revenue Code. We will abide by the policies and conditions set forth by MB Foundation, which in some instances, exceed government requirements. Characteristics: • The minimum disbursement is $100 per transaction. • The organization will receive a quarterly statement. • Funds will be invested in our Money Market strategy. Pricing Schedule for Services:  • Distributions from funds held for less than 30 days will be charged a 0.50% transaction fee per distribution. (WAIVED DURING COVID SITUATION) • Distributions from funds held for more than 30 days will not be subject to any fee. • Debit card, credit card and e-Checks are acceptable donation methods. MB Foundation will pass along the processing fees to the Charity Advised Fund. Bank credit/debit card processing fees are 3% of the donation. E-Checks fees are 2% of the donation. Online Account Management: allows secure, efficient access to accounts 24/7. This service provides you the ability to view balances, statements and activity on the account.