Financial Health

Solutions for Pastors and Churches

A program designed to build Biblical financial awareness
and strong stewardship practices.

MB Foundation, in partnership with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) and the generosity of the Lilly Endowment Inc. grant, are making available Financial Health On-Line Training grants for Mennonite Brethren churches and pastors. This initiative will help strengthen and improve the financial health of pastors and the generosity of their churches, and encourage churches to bless their pastors and church staff members year-round.


The program contains free online courses and training to help strengthen and improve the financial health of pastors and churches. Grants from MB Foundation are offered for those who participate in this training from National Association of Evangelicals. Eligible participants are any licensed pastor serving a Mennonite Brethren church.


1. If you received a $500 grant in 2023, you may take an additional course and receive another grant.

2. If you did not receive a $500 grant in 2023, you may take up to 2 courses and receive grants for each course.

3. All completed courses will qualify for a $500 grant.

4. Bonus! If you choose the Church Legacy Bequest course AND have an MB Foundation representative participate (by Zoom or in person) in the session with your church leadership, you will qualify for an additional grant of $1,000 plus the $500 for completing the course!

Learn more about the NAE online courses and sign up for the MB Foundation grants!

“These courses are great! They are a great tool filled with creative ideas to inspire faithful generosity giving in our personal lives as well in the congregation!”

Pastor Elbio Carballo
Amor y Fe Congregation
Butler Church
Fresno, CA



10 online courses


1. Bless Your Finances

2. God is Your Provider


3. Bless Your Church Legacy Bequests –Bonus resources

4. 10 Ways Christians Learn to Become Generous

5. Generous Life Devotional

6. Transformational Generosity for Churches

7. Transformational Generosity for Christians

8. Best Church Generosity Practices

9. Bless Your Pastor

10. Church Generosity

BONUS: Additional resources available with Bless Your Church: Legacy Bequests. When you sign up, MB Foundation will contact you and come alongside to provide the full benefits of this course.

  • Facilitate the teaching session with your leadership team
  • Review and provide MB Foundation materials that explain the potential benefits of legacy giving for your church
  • Assist you with ideas for growing increased generosity in your congregation
  • Provide a Will Planning Workshop for your congregation