The Seven-Day Generosity Challenge

Are you looking for fresh insights and practical applications for living a generous life?

Would you welcome a new resource to encourage generosity in your church or small group?

The Generosity Challenge includes three resources to assist you in your personal, or church-wide study. All resources are available in English, Spanish, Russian and Amharic.

1. Sermon Outline – The Exciting Call to a Generous Life. This outline is provided for personal study or as a helpful method to launch a church-wide focus on the devotional.

2. The Seven-Day Generosity Challenge – This 7 Day Devotional is available electronically or hard copy. Access it here and provide it to your congregation for a week long intensive look at generosity. Hard copies may be obtained, free of charge, by contacting us!

3. Discussion Guide for Small Groups – Use this discussion guide in your Sunday School or small groups after the devotional, to give opportunity for further reflection, action steps, and prayer.

Our prayer is that these resources will be a blessing to each who prayerfully engages in the Generosity Challenge! Please contact Jon Wiebe at if you would like to order devotionals, have questions or if you’d like help teaching on generosity.

Devotionals available in English, Spanish, Russian and Amharic

For small groups or churches.