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Save the Date for Celebrate 2017!

croppedMB Foundation announces plans for a second gathering for empty nesters, Celebrate 2017! It will be held in Denver CO on September 29 - October 1, 2017.

Even during the first event, attendees were asking when the next event would be held. The evaluations from the event only served to reinforce this as MB Foundation was overwhelmingly encouraged to host another gathering. "I am blown away by the response from those who attended the gathering in 2015. We had high hopes for the weekend, but the gratitude and appreciation expressed by those who came, was more than anticipated. We are honored to serve this generation and eagerly anticipate our second gathering in Denver," says Jon C. Wiebe, President & CEO of MB Foundation.

The Southern District Conference is encouraging the second gathering and has provided $3,000 of seed money as a show of support. "Already the week following the event I was receiving emails saying 'let's do it again!' I heard from a son who said his mom "can't wait for the next event!'" says Wiebe.

One of the biggest challenges noted by attendees was the need for transportation to and from the event. Churches are encouraged to begin planning and coordinating transportation for those who need it. It is said that empty nesters are one of the most forgotten target groups by congregations. We know of one church that chose to pay the registration fee for everyone who wanted to go to Celebrate 2015! This event is a significant way for us to bless, encourage and invest in this forgotten group.

Registration information and other event details will be made available through MB Foundation as they are developed. For more information, contact MB Foundation at 800.551.1547.

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