The Church Denver
Denver, CO

Portfolio Description

The Church Denver

The Church Denver began in 2016 when 5 people met in the home of a former youth pastor for a Bible study. When they reached an attendance of 30, they began leasing a gathering space. As they continued to embody the call to love God and love others, they continued to grow.

In 2019, attendance increased to 85 and the church started to look for a larger facility to rent or buy. The former Garden Park MB Church facility, then owned by Lighthouse Church, met their needs and their mission to reach the Ruby Hill neighborhood. They entered into a lease and God blessed their impact in the community. By early 2020, attendance grew to 130 and the church was able to purchase the facility with funding from MB Foundation.

This multicultural congregation is revitalizing a number of ministries in their community. We are excited to partner with them as God uses them to transform the Ruby Hill neighborhood in Denver.