Bethlehem Church
Los Angeles, CA

Portfolio Description

Bethlehem Church

Bethlehem Church began in 1985 as a ministry to immigrants from Korea and has been part of Pacific District Conference of the Mennonite Brethren Churches since 2003. In 2019 the church purchased and relocated to a property in the Koreantown/Downtown area of Los Angeles.  Financing through their initial lender came with an excessive interest rate and a brief maturity date. The church refinanced with MB Foundation in 2020, greatly reducing their interest rate resulting in a monthly payment saving of $5,000. Bethlehem Church is now able to continue ministry in its community and have resources freed up for missions. The dual Kingdom impact is celebrated by both Bethlehem Church and MB Foundation.

  • MB Foundation provided refinancing for the first location of Bethlehem Church in 2005.
  • Bethlehem is seeing their move as a source of growth for the church.