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You Love to Give Survey Results Revealed

A recent survey conducted by MB Foundation at the 2014 USMB National Convention shows MBs love our churches and love to give. Participants were asked to list the top five charities to which they love to give, and results were tallied to give increasing weight to higher rankings. The Local Church easily ranked first for respondents, receiving three times as many mentions as any other category, which is compounded because they received a #1 ranking in over 65% of surveys. Mission work also ranks highly, as MB Mission came in second and a general Missions category came in third. Education is also very important to MBs. Three of the top ten organizations are MB educational institutions, and if all 18 educational institutions mentioned were lumped together as a category it would easily jump to second behind Local Church.

It is also clear to see that, while we have a many common interests, Mennonite Brethren love to give to a huge variety of charities. We had 119 responses to our survey and over 200 different charities or charity groups were mentioned. MBs are fueling ministry with hundreds of organizations around the world and MB Foundation is uniquely positioned to help facilitate your charitable objectives, wherever you love to give! For more information about our Donor Advised Fund, please view our video at

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