Ministry Fund

MB Foundation manages in excess of $250 million in total assets.  As fiduciary of these assets, we have developed professional strategies and services to steward funds with excellence.  We have access to nationally recognized fund managers and professional investment consulting at very cost-effective rates.  In addition, all of our investing is subject to our morally responsible investment criteria. Over the years we have refined our endowment investment strategy to manage funds with excellence, through the Ministry Fund, this strategy is now available for non-endowment resources ministries are managing.

The Ministry Fund is a unique tool developed for charities that have funds which don’t fit into an endowment program, but still present unique investment opportunities.  Funds like reserve funds, funds for operation, designated funds, etc. all have unique investment characteristics which may allow them to be invested in different ways.  By investing through a Ministry Fund with MB Foundation, an organization gains a high level of professional expertise, low expenses and great service.

With a minimum initial balance of $10,000, a 501(c)(3) organization may open a Ministry Fund.  The organization will receive a quarterly statement and the Fund may be invested in one of three Allocation Models:

  1. Conservative
  2. Balanced
  3. Growth

 The Fund will be responsible for any legal or other direct expenses incurred on behalf of the Fund and will be charged a management fee of 0.75%.


Next Steps

Our Planned Giving Advisors are available to guide you.