We Need MORE

The Christian Leader recently highlighted shoulder-tapping as a way to meet the growing need for vocational pastors and leaders within our MB family. We believe God is already at work as MB Foundation has been able to distribute 11 LeadGen grants for interns in our MB churches this summer!  We believe there could be more. Perhaps [...]

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Moving… Again!

In the next month, my wife and I will be moving for the 24th time. That’s a lot, but in full disclosure, some of those moves were short-term rentals (house-sitting, short-term interim work, etc.), but a move is a move! Each time, we boxed up our stuff, packed it into a trailer or truck, went [...]

4 Tips to Help You With Your Retirement

When it comes to saving money and even more specifically, planning for retirement from church ministry, it can be hard to figure out where to start! Retirement may seem like a long time away, but small steps taken today can make a big difference down the road. Here are some useful tips for starting your [...]

Speak, For Your Servant Hears

As a person of a certain age, my hearing has been declining.  With a little prodding from my wife, I recently made an appointment with an audiologist. The doctor diagnosed me as having moderately severe to severe hearing loss. Specifically, I have a constant ringing (tinnitus) and the loss of sound perception at certain pitch [...]

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Start Giving Before You Inherit

Millennials may inherit over $68 trillion from previous generations by 2030. According to Newsweek, some experts believe this "could be the largest transfer of wealth in the history of humankind." What will younger generations do with that wealth? Studies show the younger someone is, the less he or she tends to give financially. Not just [...]

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Year End Giving to the Church

Charitable fundraising statistics about giving during the last month of the year tell us that 30% of annual donations are given in December and 10% come during the last 48 hours of the year! So, be sure to send an email to everyone in your church and cover these four things: #1. Say Thank You! A [...]

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The Later List

As a pastor, the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s was a time when I heard and used the word “later” a lot! If I tried to set up a meeting with someone or schedule a committee meeting, the response was usually “Can we do it later?” And for good reason. We are all busy [...]

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It’s Imperative To Jump

I used to think it would be fun and adventurous to skydive. Now? Not so much. IF the plane was sure to crash and someone happened to slap a chute on my trembling body, I might strongly consider fearfully jumping. In the account of the Rich Young Ruler (Mark 10, Luke 18, and Matthew 19), [...]

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Deferred Maintenance: 5 Ways to Tackle the Looming Crisis

“It’s a custom color. Bradenton plum.” The church council member and I laughed together about the project in front of us. He had been part of the original capital campaign in the late 1980s and early 1990s. “The color was popular then, but I think it’s time for an update,” he said as we prioritized [...]

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Update on “Autopsy of a Dead Church”

In 2014, Thom Rainer released a 102-page book called “Autopsy of a Deceased Church” which became a number-one bestseller and a must read for all church leaders/pastors.  In this little book, Rainer shared his research by identifying 9 reasons churches die and 12 ways to keep your church alive. If you don’t have a copy [...]

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Real Life Sermon Series

Jon C. Wiebe recently spoke at Mosaic in Denver, preaching a 2-part sermon series entitled "Real Life". In his message he walked through I Timothy 6:17-19 finding clues as to how each person can take hold of real life as talked about in this passage. The challenge comes from addressing three questions: How do you [...]


What Does Your Investment Do?

I have developed a phrase over the last couple of years composed of two questions; "Does it make sense on paper"? and "Does it make sense on purpose"? I use these questions to describe to a potential church borrower how we generally consider their loan application, but I think the same questions could be posed [...]

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You Cannot Serve God and Money

At some point in my pastoral ministry I came across a story about catching monkeys.  A person just needs a hollow gourd with a small hole barely big enough for a monkey to put his hand inside the gourd.  Next, find a tree with monkeys and tie the gourd to the base of the tree.  [...]

Too Close to the Margin

Why do we have margins on our paper and in our books?  I first thought it might be so that my teachers would have plenty of room to add their red ink comments.  It turns out, according to Google, books needed margins in the old days because mice like to eat paper.  Since they start [...]

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Change of Heart or Change of Mind?

If you had the opportunity to change someone’s heart or change their mind, which would you choose?  We often change our minds – what to wear, which meal to order, call vs text, where to go on vacation, etc.  But a change of heart isn’t as common since we often wrestle with our worldly selves. [...]