Giving Challenge

MB Foundation has announced three new winners in its Giving Challenge to go along with the first winner, Ron Weidner, announced in February. The new randomly selected winners are Michelle Hamilton of Cimarron, KS, Garry Kargel of Eugene, OR, and Glenn Ratzlaff of Hillsboro, KS. Each winner was randomly selected and will receive $5,000 to GIVE AWAY to the ministry(ies) of their choosing.

The purpose of the Giving Challenge was to gather brief giving stories to help encourage generosity and release resources back into the Kingdom for further impact. The winning stories range from paying someone’s utilities, making mortgage payments to giving a car to a family in need. MB Foundation’s Giving Challenge concluded at the end of April, documenting over $1.1 million of generosity throughout 14 different states.

“I enjoyed reading all of the stories and was very encouraged by the level of participation in the Giving Challenge,” says Jon C. Wiebe, President and CEO of MB Foundation. “We are excited to come alongside these individuals and provide them with the resources to bless others and to encourage a spirit of generosity!” says Wiebe.

With a total of four winners, an additional $20,000 will be made available from MB Foundation to ministry through these four individuals. Even though the Giving Challenge is over, we encourage you to continue to practice and spread generosity!

Click here to read the full version of the winning stories and a few additional stories.