Genius of Generosity

Generous living is attractive to an unbelieving world, so imagine what could happen if your church had its own generosity story to tell. It can start with a simple conversation and common vision.
Over time, your church’s Generosity IQ begins to rise. Lives are changed as people seek to serve and give more and more.

The Genius of Generosity provides a new, and inexpensive, experience to help you raise the generosity temperature in your church. Preview all of the tools available from MB Foundation to help teach your congregation that stewardship is the path but Generosity is the adventure!

The Genius of Generosity – Four short chapters, designed for small groups, 112 pages.
Small Group Facilitators Guide – Resource for leading the DVD discussions.
Seven Attributes of a Generous Church
Seven Attributes of a Generous Church – Russian Translation
Overcoming Challenges to Teaching Generosity audiocast with Chip Ingram and Jon Wiebe 
-Listen to the discussion from March 14, 2012
5 Part Sermon Outlines and Transcripts from Chip Ingram!
Part 1 – What is the Genius of Generosity
Part 2 – Generosity is the Gateway to Intimacy with God
Part 3 – Why God Prospers Generous People
Part 4 – How Does God Measure Generosity
Part 5 – How to Become Winsomely Generous All the Days of Your Life
Sunday School Resources – Leader and Participant Guides are available for those that choose NOT to use the DVD.

Anyone in your Church can become a Genius!