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Evan and Audrey Fast’s Story

"I want to see God's faithfulness in my life and store up heavenly treasures where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal. Simply put, He gave; I give."

Audrey Fast and her husband Evan, a couple who live in Sioux Falls, SD, have had stewardship on their hearts for a long time. Since the beginning of their marriage, they thought about giving and what that might look like for them. They are active members in their church (Lincoln Hills Bible Church); Audrey sings with the worship team, Evan plays guitar, is on the elder board, serves as a handyman, and both enjoy teaching Sunday school every now and then. Despite their current use of their gifts, however, they wanted to do something that would last long after they leave this earth.

"We found legal services," Evan and Audrey said, "but something was missing in getting to the heart of what we purposed to do."

As they continued searching for answers, they began to see a path unfold in the form of MB Foundation. They received literature from the Foundation in their mail. Following that, a representative spoke at their church. Although they didn't know much about MB Foundation, their interest was captured.

The Foundation's mission statement is "to encourage and assist individuals, congregations, and ministries in the Mennonite Brethren community with biblical financial stewardship solutions." Its passion for biblical stewardship is what drew Evan and Audrey to find out more.

So stepping out in faith, they called the Foundation for more information. After their conversation, they decided this was the route they wanted to take, and they proceeded to utilize its will planning service and set up an endowment fund with the Foundation that will be funded at their death. By creating an endowment, the Fasts' money will grow over time. Their earthly blessings will not only compound, but they will continue to bless ministries and help further God's kingdom long after they go to the Lord.

Stewardship is important to the Fasts. Everything they have, whether it be money, time, or talents, they desire to give back to the God who has given them so much.

As Audrey put it, "God is a giving God. It's His heart. As His child, my identity is in Christ, so that makes me a giver too."

As they move through this world and continue to serve the God they love, they also live with the knowledge that their work will go on after their deaths.

"We hope to continue blessing others with what we were blessed with, long after we are gone."

Like Evan and Audrey, YOU TOO CAN IMPACT FUTURE MINISTRY. Start your plan today!

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