Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund with MB Foundation is an account for setting aside money or assets, receiving immediate tax benefits, and then controlling the timing of when and where you give those funds. It’s like having a charitable giving account! Here’s how it works:

Download the Donor Advised Fund video and view our Ideas for Video Distribution in your church.


You as the donor can GIVE anything of value to fund your Donor Advised Fund. Most of what we give is not in our checking accounts, it is in the stuff we own. In addition to cash you can also give “stuff”, also known as marketable assets. Marketable assets include; farm commodities, real estate, stocks, equipment, or business interests. When your gift is made you will receive a receipt from MB Foundation for tax purposes.


You can GROW your fund either by adding to it or by investing for growth with one of our Allocation Models; Money Market (Low Risk), Conservative (Low Risk), Balanced (Moderate Risk), Growth (Moderate to High Risk). Growing the gift allows you to target special giving projects or maintain your giving during lower income years. Either way resources are gathered in anticipation of meeting your charitable goals for later. Learn more about our Allocation Models by downloading a Donor Advised Fund Investment Options flyer. To determine which Allocation Model might be right for you Contact Us or download and complete the Donor Questionnaire.


You GRANT your gift from your Donor Advised Fund to your favorite charity when God puts a ministry on your heart. To make a grant recommendation you simply contact our office or log in to your account from our website.


The Donor Advised Fund from MB Foundation…it’s the best way to give! Fill out the application form or Contact Us to get started with your Donor Advised Fund today!