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COVID-19 Debt Relief

We know these are difficult times. As your lender and more importantly your partner in ministry we are offering debt relief to all borrowers (churches, organizations and home loan borrowers) IF your income has been negatively impacted by COVID-19. The debt relief options are available for UP TO 3 MONTHS. Borrowers may request either of the following options OR a combination to suit your needs:

    1. The Borrower may pay Interest Only on their debt with MB Loan Fund
    2. The Borrower may elect to SKIP monthly payments to MB Loan Fund.  Interest will continue to accrue and will be capitalized.

To request one of these modifications, please click on the words below and complete the Loan Modification form:

Loan Modification Request Form


After the Debt Relief period (up to 3 months), payments will return to normal.  A new payment amount will need to be provided to variable rate borrowers since we lowered our rate effective April 1, 2020.  If you are on a fixed rate loan, your payments will return to what they were before the Modification.

A Loan Modification Agreement will need to be signed by two authorized signers on behalf of the Borrower.


Additionally, we are available if a Line of Credit will be useful to you.  However, we are also working to better understand how the CARES Act will benefit you.  Expect another email to all of our churches shortly regarding the possibility of some significant relief coming from the federal government through the CARES Act.  You may want to pay interest on your loan, take a loan through your local bank via the CARES Act and have these interest payments (along with payroll) forgiven on June 30, 2020!  Another item to consider.

To apply for a line of credit, please click on the words below and complete the Line of Credit form:

Line of Credit Request Form


If you have an ACH payment that should be stopped, PLEASE NOTIFY US immediately, unless we have already heard from you.  Please contact Bruce Jost ( if you have any questions or special concerns.  We appreciate you and the challenges you are facing at this time. May you be blessed with God's wisdom as you steward resources for his glory.

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